Start strong in your new job, with these tips


Joining a new company is very stressful, it ranks up there with moving house, 1st dates, even interviews!

The first 30 days of a new role can be make or break, not every company has the onboarding process of google or facebook, but there are things that you can do to help you transition into your new role, giving you the best possible start in your new organisation.

Here is a list of some of the things that we have seen candidates do successfully, that has enabled them to start strong, grown and enjoy their new roles

Meet and greet

Get in contact ahead of time, ask to come in and meet some of the team whilst in your notice period.

Dot the I’s and cross the T’s

Ask the HR team if there is anything the need from you ahead of time, paperwork, medicals,

Start before you start

Ask your new boss if there is anything that they may need your input into right away. There may be something that you can help with, during your notice period, advice, opinion or a small project.

Set some goals

Be proactive, it is your responsibility to make the relationship with your new boss work. Sit down on day one and establish some realistic goals and a timeline to achieve these


Find out how often to check in with your new boss and what medium, email, phone or face to face.

Start learning

Work life balance will need to take back step initially, learning new systems, culture and relationships will take some time so invest upfront to reap the rewards and gain balance quicker.

Join the team

Try to integrate into the company culture, listen and observe the environment so that you don’t make the mistake of forming and voicing an opinion before you have all the facts. A great way to do this is an informal lunch, or afterhours drinks.

Stay out of arguments

The best way to win an argument, is to not get into one. Treat your new job like the dinner table, no political or religious conversations.

Stay positive

It is going to take time to learn everything and fit in with your new environment, keeping a positive attitude to the whole process will shorten the newbie feeling. Don’t be quick to criticise your new colleagues or systems get a feel for how they all operate. Your new peers will be more open to suggestions once you have earned their respect.

Expect to feel uncomfortable

You are out of your comfort zone, nobody like to be out of their comfort zone so don’t beat yourself up about taking time to learn systems, or settle in to the culture. Don’t start to second guess your decision to move jobs. Accept your new reality, embrace the change and strive to succeed in your new role

If you can be honest with yourself and say that you have given it your all, tried to fit in and applied yourself, but you still feel uncomfortable, you could be in the wrong place, be honest with yourself at this stage, you will find the right job for you.

If you have some tips for getting off to a great start in a new role, I would love to hear them, please contact me