Great Questions for candidates to ask at interviews


You are sat in the interview, your potential new boss smiles and asks,

“So, Johnny, do you have any questions for us?”

What should you ask at this stage, why is this even a stage, aren’t you the one being interviewed?!?!

This section of the interview is a great opportunity to do three things

  1. Show the employer you are serious about the role
  2. Get a feeling for if their company is a good place to work
  3. Show the interviewer that you have prepared for the interview.

With that in mind here are some examples of bad questions

What is the pension (package, salary, hours)?

What time do we finish on Fridays?

What football team does the department follow?


Here are some great questions to ask, feel free to use them in your next interview.

Understanding the role?

What needs to be achieved in the first 3 - 6 and 12 months?

What challenges are the department facing right now?

How will you measure my success in the position?

What skills and experiences would make an ideal candidate?

Who previously held this post?

What is your overall mission in this department?

How does this role contribute to the larger company goals?


Understanding the team?

How would you describe the team

What is the teams attitude to X? - What has contributed to that?

What behaviours do the most successful team members exhibit?, can you give me an example?

What is your management style?


Is the company a good fit

What have you enjoyed most about working here?

Do you offer continued education and training?

How would you describe the general culture of the company and work place?


Your future at the company

What can you tell me about your new products or plans for growth?

What opportunities exist for career progression?

Are there any examples of people who have held this role then been promoted?


Ensuring you are a fit

Do you have any reservations about my experience?

Are there any areas that you feel you want me to cover in more detail from what we have discussed?