2 changes to make to your CV, to 10 X your interview requests.


OK, great, you have just seen a vacancy that is perfect for you and you are keen to apply, hold on for just one moment.

Did you know first applications occur roughly 200 seconds after an ad has been posted, there are an average of 250 CV’s received per application, no wonder it takes 5 – 7 seconds for the person reading your CV to rule you in or out of the process.

With these stats, it can be daunting even sending your CV, let along making sure that you have put it together in a way that showcases all your relevant experience and skills for the role.

That is why I wanted to share 2 tips that you can apply to your CV straight away, that will automatically increase your chances of standing out and securing an interview.

1.Tailor your CV to the position

I know you have heard this before but, there are a couple of points here that can really make this count:

  • Don’t presume that the person reading your CV, has heard of your previous employers. So, If the spec / advert asks for candidates to have spent 4 years in a high-volume manufacturing environment. Make sure that you state on your CV that X company produce 20,000 widgets per hour.
  • Make sure the relevant information is near the top of the particular work section. If the reader must hunt for the information, they may miss it.

2. Make sure that you add your achievements to the CV at each place of employment.

  • Engineers are not sales people, you guys don’t naturally shout about your achievements from the roof tops, yet every day you make great improvements to the systems within your business, saving thousands of pounds annually, and hundreds of hours. I personally think that you should get a 10% bonus on the total saving you make per annum!
  • The key here is to quantify the achievements into £ saved, man hours saved, scrap reduction % and efficiency increases. So, if you came up with a system that reduced breakdown how much did that breakdown cost, how many times did it happen per year If the breakdown cost £500 to repair and it happened 10 times per year, you saved your company £5000 per annum.


So tailor your CV and showcase your achievements, you never know who is going to be reading your CV, a less tech savvy recruiter or HR officer may not fully grasp your experience and skills.

Do these 2 simple things and you will be getting interview requests in no time

If you would like us to cast our well trained, recruiter eye over your CV, then please feel free to send it to I would be more than happy to look and offer advice.

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