5 Motivational TED Talks for Quality Engineers


5 Motivational TED Talks for Quality Engineers

Staying motivated can sometimes be difficult, there are lots of things that can drain your motivation over the days, weeks and months at work. Lack of career advancement, no training opportunities, a difficult boss or just the commute to work!

If we aren’t careful we can let the negative influences around us affect the way we think and act.

That is why it is really important to proactively and constantly top up the positive information that we allow into our conscious space, a great example of this type of positive influence are TED Talks. These feature presentations from some of the most brilliant minds around. TED Talks cover almost every topic under the sun in a easy to understand and inspiring way.

So, to help you break through the negative noise and give you some motivation, the CQI have compiled their 5 top TED Talks, that they thing will resonate with Quality Engineers.

Watch them, you are sure to learn something new.

(Click the titles to be directed to the TED Talks)

1. On Leadership and inspiring action

Simon Sinek shares his simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership. Starting with the Golden circle and asking a very important Question “Why”

His examples include Apple, Martin Luther King and the Wright brothers

Whether you are a Quality Engineer leading a team of technicians or a Quality Manager with a whole department in your ward, this talk will inspire you.

2. On the next Manufacturing revolution

Oliver Scalabre discusses the 4th manufacturing revolution and how it will improve productivity, boost employment and lead growth.

He discusses how manufacturing will radically change the way globalisation has been shaped over the last decade.

This video will give you a great positive buzz about being involved in the manufacturing industry.

3. On innovation and avoiding business failure

Business strategist Knut Haanaes talks about how to ensure that you stay at the forefront of industry, without falling into strategy traps

If you are experience stagnation as an Quality Engineer or Quality Manager, this talk, could help inspire you to take action, that you hadn’t thought about.

4.  On building a robust business

Martin Reeves compares organisations to the human immune system and explains how 6 principles  of living organisms can be used to build a robust business.

There are takeaways in this talk that you may inspire you to take action building a robust quality solution.

5. On smashing fear, and learning anything (One of my personal favourites)

Tim (the human guinea pig) Ferriss talks about using a simple mantra to learn new skills

Learning new skills and undertaking training is a sure-fire way to keep your motivation levels in peak condition.


So, after watching these, you will have learned how to forge a leadership style that inspires action, get a huge positive boost learning how you as an engineer are at the centre of the 4th manufacturing revolution, developed methods to stay at the forefront of innovation, take inspiration on building robust systems and solutions and smashed fear gaining confidence to take the next step.

Which TED Talk is the most inspiring to you?

Do you have any other favourites not already on this list?

If you are struggling for motivation in your work as a Quality Engineer, it may also be time to consider changing jobs. Quality Engineering is one of our specialisms, we have numerous clients looking for quality engineers, to work in positions with career advancement opportunities and job satisfaction.

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